Home Renovations: Before and After Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for your home renovation project? Look no further! Get inspired by these amazing before and after photos of home renovations. From expanding a structure to completely rebuilding it, these projects show the unique stories behind each transformation. The renovation of this house in Leucadia, California was more than just a remodel - it was an expansion project. The original cabin was renovated and added to a new two-story structure, resulting in a modern, fun and cheerful home with bright spaces and all kinds of new features.

Sometimes, no matter how you look at it, a house simply can't be saved and that's when the project becomes much more than just a home renovation. Apartment renovations may be less dramatic than home remodels because only the interior is transformed, but that doesn't mean they're any less interesting or impressive. Take a look at this commercial building in Bangkok, Thailand, which was renovated and transformed into a residential part and part of the office space. Today I am finally sharing the final before and after of all the renovated spaces in that house, along with links to the individual publications that share more details and the history of each of these renovations.No matter what kind of renovation project you have in mind, these before and after photos will give you plenty of ideas for your own home remodeling plans.

Get inspired and start planning your own amazing transformation!.

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