What Home Warranty Covers Roof Leaks?

Most home roof warranties don't cover roof replacement due to the high cost, but roof leaks are usually covered. Homeowners insurance and a home warranty with roof coverage can both protect you from expensive roof repairs, but they work differently. Roof damage is considered structural, so home warranties usually don't cover roof repairs or replacements. However, it's important to keep up with the maintenance of other integral parts of your home to detect roof leaks early on. Home warranty plans often offer limited coverage against roof leaks as an additional option.

This coverage usually covers the repair of shock (a type of wood tile) and composition (such as asphalt shingles) when the roof is over a busy living room. Unfortunately, this means that if you have a leak in the roof of your detached garage, it's likely that you're excluded from coverage. A basic home warranty plan usually covers the cost of repairing and replacing the internal components of the home. A typical home warranty with roof coverage covers isolated cases of age-induced roof deterioration, in addition to a variety of important appliances and systems that a homebuyer may be interested in having covered. American Home Shield offers roof coverage as optional add-ons for customers who want to maximize their home warranty coverage, or automatically in their comprehensive ShieldPlatinum plan.

This coverage will include your home systems (HVAC, electricity, plumbing, and sometimes the water heater), your home appliances (usually built-in microwaves, washers, dryers, and large kitchen appliances), or both. Since homeowners insurance doesn't cover the roof, appliances, or house systems, such as air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems, you could spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket if an important component of your home needs extensive repairs. The Select Home warranty will only cover the repair of roof leaks due to damage to occupied living areas of single-family homes (excluding patios). Buying a home warranty with roof leak coverage can help you protect every important aspect of your home with a practical policy. While your home insurance policy may cover roof damage caused by extreme weather events, it won't compensate you for roof leaks due to age-related wear and tear, which can easily cost thousands of dollars to repair without a home warranty. If you're looking for general roof protection, the best home warranty may be one that offers standard limited coverage against roof leaks, such as the Select Home warranty.

The Home Service Club (HSC) is an ideal option for homeowners who recently purchased an older home with furniture and accessories included, as this provider doesn't limit their coverage based on the age of the appliances. Home warranties offer an easy way to combine limited protection against roof leaks with coverage for your main systems and appliances. Before purchasing home warranty coverage, you must provide proof that your home appliances and systems have been maintained well and do not have any pre-existing conditions.

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