Should I Move Out During Home Remodeling?

Experience has taught us that moving out during a home remodel is almost always the best option. It can generate greater homeowner satisfaction, while giving your contractor the space they need to complete their project efficiently and safely. Professionals suggest that if you decide to move, keep a close eye on progress. Visit the property regularly to monitor the pace and quality of work, and make sure that you can be easily reached in case any decision needs to be made quickly to avoid delaying any part of the process.

Visiting your home outside of business hours is also important to make sure it's properly insured. The best possible option to minimize inconvenience and speed up work is to move during the renovation. However, moving can significantly increase the budget and complexity of the renovation. If renting an RV or apartment is too expensive, reconsider your entire remodel.

Remodels will generally cost much more than expected, and will also take longer. If you're on edge for remodeling, then come up with some contingency plans. Ours consisted of turning on the contactor and doing all the finishing work (flooring, painting, kitchen) ourselves, which took several months, working in the evenings and on weekends. Construction is a messy and disruptive job.

When construction is carried out in the house, it can generate dust in the air and restrict the use of certain parts of the house. It can make life at home more difficult and, likewise, your decision to live there can slow down the pace of construction. However, the cost of moving and staying in a hotel or rental property can increase the budget. Moving isn't always necessary for home renovations, depending on several factors.

The following are some aspects of home renovation to consider and how each will affect the decision to move or live there, an important step when planning your home renovation: cost, project schedule, contractor efficiency, access to certain parts of the house, and budget. Cost is one of the major drawbacks of moving during a home renovation. However, to find out if it will be profitable, we recommend that you calculate the approximate costs of housing for the duration of the project and ask your contractor if they can be more efficient if they don't interfere with you. If builders work faster with you out of the way and reduce the project time frame, it could save you money in labor costs and maybe keep it within your overall budget.

Some contractors charge more on projects where residents choose to stay during work in order to account for ongoing cleaning costs and longer interruptions. Homes encourages homeowners to move in while the renovation is underway, unless you are in a completely isolated area of the home. For example, finishing a lower level of a house but leaving the main floor area as it is. If the room being renovated is one that you cannot live without for more than a few days, it will be less feasible to live in the house.

Staying during a bathroom renovation is feasible with multiple bathrooms; however, it's much harder to live close to a kitchen renovation because it eliminates access to food. Living outside and staying out of the way can help them finish faster. It's essential that you contact your builder to determine the project schedule, what's the best way to work, and if you can live almost at the same time as the project. The answers to these questions will better inform you about what builders need from you to work more efficiently, which you can then balance with your budget.

Homes builds and renovates custom luxury homes in St. Louis with all the well-being of the family in mind. We meet with you in person to discuss your project and your options, so you understand what works with your current home and what you can do to improve the look and functionality of your home without breaking your budget.

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